Ein Harod ( Ichud ) dairy farm
Ein Harod, Israel / 1982-today

New cow shed with central feed alley & cultivated resting area

Since 1982 and still today, Sprecher Architects is responsible for the master plan and the design of the Kibbutz Ein Harod (Ichud) industrial & agro industrial area, which includes large dairy farms for both cows and sheep.  

At the cow farm, the animal housing was completely changed, the old corral type sheds were replaced by all in loose housing sheds, providing 16-20 sq. m. per cow. the resting area in the barns is cultivated daily to provide a clean/dry resting space, creating a valuable by product of semi compost, which used as fertilizer on the fields - successfully also increasing the organic matter in the soil.

The lanes along the feed alleys are being flushed with recycled water from the milking parlour.

A new 2x16 milking parlour with fast exit was built ( see separate presentation ).

As the 1000 cow goal is quiet close, the plan has been renewed and will enable the project to grow up to almost 2000 cows.