About Us

After graduating from the School of Architecture at the Technion Haifa, we were invited to survey the Kibbutz Mefalsim dairy farm. The farm management was impressed by our approach, we received some more enquiries from other dairy farmers and perhaps by " mistake ", we became excited about the design aspect of these projects.

A dairy farm poses perhaps the ultimate challenge for an architect. The clients are not really the farmers themselves, but their cows and all related aspect to this quite heavy animal with her very special needs. Into this production environment there is a lot of equipment - partly quite heavy but can also be defined as high tech equipment. The environment we create in structure has to integrate the needs of the cow, the equipment and the farmer.

Form follows function ( Frank Lloyd Wright ) - in agricultural architecture this is absolutely correct. We have to create the appropriate environment where all elements can perform in an optimal manner. Today it becomes more and more important to include into our design, the need to reduce the overall CARBON footprint as measured for the production of each liter of milk.

Innovative thinking is a must and therefore we continue our daily search for new ideas and concepts.

Again we acknowledge the importance of a dialogue between the architect, client and consultants involved in the project. We are always happy to learn something new, and above all - we strive for quality.